Date of birth

11th November 2010



Racing Style

Fearless & Fast

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Accomplishments / Memorable Moments

When I was racing at Monza last year, I crashed in the first corner and then ended up dead last, I then gave it everything I had and ended up getting back into first place. This is a moment that I will remember forever.

Career Goals

My goals and aspirations for the Supercross is to try my best. This is my first opportunity to try and do anything like this, this is unique and the excitement to race in front of such a crowd is so exciting. I will be able to observe and learn from experienced Riders and will pay attention to their techniques, strategies and how they handle different situations on the track.

Career Challenges

The biggest challenge I face is my size, I am short and can sometimes find it hard picking up my bike as it’s so big and heavy especially if it’s covered in Mud.


I have been working hard on my fitness and setting myself goals. Feeling nervous is going to be normal, the crowd will be large, I am going to have to stay focussed and use techniques like deep breathing, positive talk to manage my nerves and lastly focus my energy on the task at hand. I put myself in the moment, I take a few minutes to myself to put me in the zone. When at the line I stay focused and concentrate on the task at hand.