Yamalube Yamaha Face 2020 With MX2 and MXD Rider Line Up

Published On: December 13th, 2019Categories: Announcements

Yamalube Yamaha Racing will field a rider in both the MX2 and the MXD categories for the 2020 motocross season with Jay Wilson and Levi Rogers at the controls of the teams’ YZ250Fs.

Yamaha Racing continues to invest in developing young racing talent and will help guide the 16 year old Levi Rogers in the transition from junior racing to the pro level. Rogers, a long time team member of the Yamaha Junior Racing program, will make the big step up to senior racing in 2020 and is more than excited by the up coming challenge in his career.

Rogers has won a shed full of trophies in his junior days, including multiple state championships and podiums at national events but he knows all that counts for nothing in professional ranks and it’s now the real work starts.

He will also be surrounded by years of experience and having a team mate in Jay Wilson will also be bonus for the up and comer as he learns the ropes of racing at the MX Nationals.

“I was pretty excited when the Yamalube Yamaha Racing Team came to me and offered me a ride for 2020,” said an ecstatic Rogers. “I guess one of the benefits of being with Yamaha Junior Racing is that if you get the results in juniors, then the next door opens with Yamaha into MXD and this is a great opportunity for me on such a good team.

“I know everyone on the team and have worked with them before when I did the MXR races at the MX Nationals for the last two years, so it’s not a new environment. I also have Jay as a team-mate, and I can talk things over with him as he has so much knowledge and experience at this level.

“For the last 12 months I have watched the senior races closely and I can’t wait to be apart of them now. Yamaha Junior Racing was awesome for me and I had six successful years with them but now its time to take the next step in my career and give it all I have,” Rogers ends.

Back for his third year at Yamalube Yamaha Racing will be Jay Wilson. Since returning to Australia and to the Yamalube Team, Wilson has been a model of consistency over the past two years and finishing inside to top five of every championship he has entered, highlighted with the 2018 SX2 Australian Championship.

He will change things up for 2020 and start the year racing the opening rounds of the AMA West Coast 250cc Supercross Championship before returning home in February to prepare for the MX Nationals. From there he will be out to win back both the MX Nationals and Australian Supercross Championships, both of which he has won previously.

“I’m lucky to be surrounded by a great team and work with a great company like Yamaha that I don’t event look else where at the end of each year. We have not only a successful working relationship but a good friendship off the track and the results show we do the work.

“2019 was a consistent year for the most part and reasonably successful but no championships. I’m still motivated to win championships and that’s what I will be striving for in 2020. I’m in the prime of my career and wanting to keep improving every year with my racing and my technique.

“Its also exciting to have Levi with us next year. He is a quite kid and doesn’t say too much but I know he listens, and it will be great to be able to help and guide him at each round. His speed is good, and I think he can do well if he keeps working hard,” Wilson said.

With the WBR Yamaha Team and the Yamalube Yamaha Team now announced, Yamaha’s MX Development Manager, Scott Bishop, explains why there has been a slight tweak in structure to each program for 2020.

“We had two talented riders in Alex and Levi coming out of juniors and its important we keep a hold of hard working and successful young riders. In the past, both riders would have gone to the dedicated MXD team, WBR Yamaha, but we believed it would be of more benefit to place the riders to the teams nearest them and also with a more experience team mate so they can understand what it takes to succeed at the next level.

“Alex is based in Adelaide and Levi is from Blackwater in Central Queensland so for one team to handle the logistics of a rider living so far away would be difficult. With Alex teaming up with WBR, who are in Echuca, Victoria and Levi with Yamalube Yamaha, based in Brisbane, both riders will get the same level of support but be able to work closely with the team both in terms of an off track relationship as well as maintaining practice bikes and equipment.

“Its our endeavour that both Alex and Levi continue their long and successful relationship with Yamaha and wish them well as they embark on their professional careers,” Bishop ends.

Introducing – Levi Rogers
Lives: Black water, QLD
Age: 16
Occupation: Studdent
Team: Yamalube Yamaha Racing
Number: 44
Bike: Yamaha YZ250F
Career Highlights: Multi QLD MX Champ, 2nd AJMX 125cc 2018/ 2019, MXR round wins 2018/ 2019
2020 Goals: A podium in MXD and learn SX
Rivals: When I was younger, Jett Lawrence/ lately Alex Larwood