CRS Team/Carr Brothers KTM Race Team






Date of birth

12th January 2009


Racing Style

Stylish & Strong

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Accomplishments / Memorable Moments

Racing Loretta Lynns South East Regional at WW Ranch, Jacksonville, Florida USA. Top 25 in all 3 of my classes in the hardest regional in the country.

Career Goals

My goal is to qualify for the mains at each event and then see what happens from there. Racing in front of thousands of people would be a great experience.

Career Challenges

For me moving up in class is always a challenge, you feel like your at the start again but I always watch the guys in front and learn a lot along the way. I have had a couple of injuries which i have recovered well from with rest, high protein diets and Physio. Off the bike training is important for me as I’m small and I have to be strong on the bike.


My Complete Racing Solutions Factory Team Program for on and off the bike training keeps me focused. Mum and Dad are always telling me to believe in my self and have fun racing.

I slap my Helmet, hit my chest, Seat bounce.
At all my races Just before the gate drops dad pats me on the back, we fist pump and he wishes me good luck. mum tells me “to get a good start”, I say “love you” she says “love you” and kisses my helmet.